A newly born, wildly happy kids' line with a soft spot for animals.

The Zoology Kids collection celebrates things that come naturally to a child. Amplified joy. Playtime. Wonderment. Innocence and dreamlike creativity. These ideas inspire the bright simplicity and individuality of our clothes. Our look is childlike by choice, in no rush to grow up.

Our line draws upon children's instinctual curiosity for nature and love of vibrant color. Each design is sewn from comfy cotton jersey and appliqued with whimsical, engagingly tactile details and colorful animal friends.

As children discover the world and their place in it, we want to encourage empathy and affection for the animals we share it with. Each item comes tagged with a fun, species-specific fact and is sized from 3 months to 8 years.

The one-of-a-kind crowns we create are for the unpretentious princesses, dandelion wish-makers and their imaginative natures. Each child crowned is encouraged to use their powers as a caretaker of nature.